Phobia – Flying

I went to see Lorraine as i have a fear of flying. I was sceptical at first but i can tell you that after my 1st flight following my sessions i was like a different person altogether! I would say i’am about 80% cured which is why before my next flight i will have a top up session and then hopefully i will see an even better result. I would urge anyone with a fear of flying to give Hypnotherapy a try.


I had struggled with emetophobia for over 10 years, and after a few courses of therapy, I didn’t expect anything to change. My sister found Lorraine, and I will admit I was sceptical at first, but now I wish I had found Lorraine earlier. My experience was so positive and I never felt judged or misunderstood. She is amazing at what she does, and could make anyone feel comfortable so I could not recommend her more. I can confidently say I have gotten over my phobia, and have grown more confident and am now ready to tackle any challenges life throws at me. Thank you so much Lorraine for helping me change for the better!


It all started a year ago, when I got diagnosed from the doctors for having severe anxiety, depression and extremely low confidence.

I have used hypnotherapy once before for confidence in passing an exam at previous employment which worked fpr me so I thourght I would give it another go.
I had tried Counselling which did not seem to work for me at all, I wish I had came to Lorraine first. I thourght, at the time this was my last chance to try and resolve the issues described above.

It first started when I phoned Lorraine. She was not only very welcoming, but very friendly to speak with. I had really struggled at the start from being at the lowest I have ever felt in my life. Lorraine not only puts you at ease, gives you confidence, focuses on strengths and makes you feel better about yourself week by week. She sets clear goals and installs confidence and belief in yourself.

It has taken me about 1 year to get back to my normal self, but that is all down to Lorraine I feel. At the time it felt like she was more like a friend. I would 110% reccomend her. She has gave me my life back, and for that I am well and truly grateful. If I ever have any of these issues again in the near future, I will most definitely be using her services.

Health Anxiety

All started few months ago in August, I found myself the lowest I had ever been. Crippling health anxiety and depression, no confidence. Another huge part was I ended up having a huge phobia of cars. I couldn’t even drive down the road without having to get out and having a panic attack.

I was the lowest I’d ever been, never going out the house, not moving off the couch, loosing who I was. My life had stopped. Effecting all aspects of my life. Especially being a mother.

From the minute I met Lorraine I automatically felt like I could open up straight away, she made me feel so comfortable and always listened. She also made me feel chilled and never judged.

I was sceptical hypnotherapy would work. But I needed to do something. And now here I am months later, had my last session with her today, leaving today a completely different women from the person first walking in. I no longer suffer with any anxieties, that rule my life. I am not longer depressed and in a rut. I am Confident and happy.

I now sit in a car and go all over including out of my home town. Sitting in a car now you would never know I even had a fear. I still cannot believe it myself. How I’ve gone from being terrified to completely fine. Everyone around me also noticing.

I cannot thank Lorraine enough for what she has done for me, she has changed my life. My son’s life. I am now living the life I should have been living.

Although I was so sad to be leaving Lorraine as I could happily sit with her for an hour every week and drift away down the staircase, I leave knowing I’ve gained not just my hypnotherapist but I’ve gained a friend. And I know she is always there if I ever need her again.

I could not recommend Lorraine enough. Anyone suffering anything this is your answer.

Thank you Lorraine! For making me live again.


My dad started visiting at the start of the year to get help with his confidence and anxiety.His sessions have helped him more than any of us could have imagined.He himself feels much better for the work that Lorraine has done with him and it shows.Would highly recommended her as she has done wonders for my dad in such a short space of time.

Phobia – Spiders

Spider phobia – I was sceptical whether this could really work as my phobia was so deeply ingrained. My fear of spiders was debilitating and affected my everyday life . Lorraine was recommended to me by a friend who had undergone successful hypnotherapy for anxiety issues.
I emailed a brief description of my phobia and then had a no obligation phone call with Lorraine. I found her to be non judgmental, incredibly reassuring and she explained what her therapy entailed. I went ahead with four sessions. I knew exactly what was going to happen and I knew that I would not be put in any situation where I would not feel entirely safe. My goal was to be able to calmly catch a spider in a glass and release it outside. Prior to Lorraine’s therapy this would have been impossible for me to even think about never mind carry out. I can honestly say that I am now able to do this calmly, easily and with confidence. The impact this has made on my every day life is amazing. I’m
no longer controlled by phobia. I choose how to react and the peace and relief that comes with that is priceless.

Phobia – Wasps

I went to Lorraine for an issue I have had ever since I can remember, this crippling fear of wasps, to the point I would panic if there were flies just in case they were wasps. It prevented me from enjoying the garden and the summer. After the first session I noticed a difference and by the end I noticed a massive difference, I could tolerate them being around me, no more yelping and running. Even today a couple of times a wasp was around me as we had some sweet drinks, they didn’t bother me, I just got on with what I was doing. I am enjoying the garden more and getting more vibrant plants, which I am enjoying so much. Can’t thank Loraine enough, she done a fantastic job.